School Attendance Management Software is the combination of system and a device for taking Attendance and saving time. It is a digital system that reads the regularity of a person with accuracy. It uses Biometric sensors and RFID cards with software for storing the inputs.

You do not need to write down the in and out-time on paper or excel sheets. Also, searching for particular data becomes very easy. A functional School ERP has this module to help your school perform better.

It has two parts that are used to identify and authenticate the presence of a person.


  • Biometric Sensors that use fingerprints, iris, facial image, or voice recognition.
  • RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) cards or tags.


These are in-built or integrated with hardware to record the time and duration of work. Software is robust and is easily customizable for the organization that is using it. How much time staff is giving in the office, whether students are regularly attending the class? This software provides answers to all these questions.

What Solutions We Offer in Attendance Management System

This system is fool-proof and saves time.

CAMPUSDEAN has a variety of solutions for schools and colleges to take attendance. We provide a complete integrated Attendance Management System to take attendance of students and staff.

You can choose either from the Biometric attendance system or RFID cards for knowing the enter and exit time of students and staff.

As soon a student or staff presses their finger or punches their card, the device marks them present and notes the entry-time. Similarly, when they are leaving, it records their exit time. Both the data is updated directly on the software.

Benefits of  School Attendance Management Software for Teachers and Parents:

Taking the attendance of students on paper is quite time-consuming. Manually attendance generally takes 10-15 minutes in a class of forty to fifty students. It reduces the productive time of teaching.

We have the most innovative and easy solution for this problem. Use of CAMPUSDEAN Teachers app. Teacher app has the complete student list on it, and all the students are marked present by default. So, while making a roll call, a teacher can directly deselect the tick option beside the name of the absent student.

Besides, we also have a Parents app. As soon as a class teacher marks a student absent or present, parents get a message alert on their app instantly, informing them if their child is absent or present in the class. The software saves the record for future use.

Benefits of Attendance Management System for Management and The Staff:

Staff or employee attendance is directly recorded and stored through a biometric system or RFID card and the management can directly view these records as well track the attendance of each and every employee. It shows the accurate data of the time and duration of their work. This module is connected with the other modules like Reports, Staff attendance, Time Table Management etc. With the help of it, schools can directly generate a salary based on work hours. Staff can also keep all records of their leaves and vacations. Management can know about the performance of the employees by viewing the graphs and comparison charts available on the CAMPUSDEAN School Management System.

Features of this student attendance management system are

  • Paperless
  • Online employee attendance management
  • Generates present & absent reports
  • Parents notified about their child’s presence in school in real-time
  • Student attendance report on online portal
  • Creates pre-defined monthly student attendance register
  • Manages student and staff attendance Day/Week/Month/Yearly
  • Very less maintenance required
  • Robust software to ensure the safety and privacy of data
  • Graphs and comparison charts
  • Message alerts
School Attendance Management Software

Advantages Of School Attendance Management Software of CAMPUDEAN

  • Saves your time
  • Makes your payment process automatic
  • Keeps error-free records
  • Staff can easily view their leaves
  • Calendar available to mark anything important
  • Resolves safety issues of children 
  • Increases efficiency of work
  • Makes everyone more accountable

Why Choose CAMPUSDEAN for Attendance Management Software?

We Have Best Student Attendance Software, and we provide the facility of biometric attendance and online attendance option on the Teacher’s app. Our software is scalable and user-friendly as it is built using the most advanced technology.

It is customizable according to your needs that too in your budget. Equally amazing is our service and support. You will never have to worry about the system, not running properly. We have taken care of all your present problems. With this, our software is also equipped to tackle future challenges that your school might face. So updates are available for the attendance management software so that it never becomes redundant.

Our apps are a bonus for you, and they help in making the attendance process better and useful by generating reports and informing on-time.

FAQ of Attendance Management System Solution

  • Can it improve the performance of my staff?

Yes, it does improve the performance of your staff by maintaining a fool-proof record. Staff cannot lie or give false leave information.

Due to high-quality biometric sensors for detection, a person cannot be faked. Moreover, management can see the actual in-time and out-time of staff at any time; they will become punctual.

  • How will it help with the safety of students?

Message alert is instantly sent to the Parent’s app when a teacher takes attendance. Hence they come to know immediately if their child has safely reached the school or not. If the child has not reached the school after leaving home, parents and school authorities can take action quickly.

Also, if a child wants to bunk school or a particular class, parents get to know about it on their app.