Its heart wrenching to say this, but every day more than 290 children fall victim to crimes. It is high time to make the safety of our children our topmost priority. Parents ensure the safety of their kids when they are around by not letting them go to shops or other places alone. They try their best to keep kids safe in their presence, but when students go to schools, they lose contact and have to trust the schools for their safety. But with school bus/van tracking system resolves all such concerning issues.

Unfortunately, in recent years, heinous crimes have been committed against children in and on the way to school. Therefore it has become essential to give our children a safe and secure environment not only inside the school premises but also en route school. 

CAMPUSDEAN, the best school management software provides SCHOOL BUS TRACKING SYSTEM & APP to track the real-time location of our children.

School Bus Tracking system

School Tracker app of CAMPUSDEAN ensures the safety of students:

Live Location

Our School Bus Tracker uses telematics and GPS powered device installed on buses/vans to view the live location of the buses on the map on the School Tracker App for parents and schools. Notification is immediately sent to parents if the bus changes route without any prior information. School management can monitor the driving skill of the drivers and remove the irresponsible ones by noting the time taken and routes followed.

Preplanned Best Routes

The routes are preplanned and informed to the parents on the app beforehand. App also notifies about any sudden change in the route immediately to the parents. The best school management system, CAMPUSDEAN keeps parents updated with the routes and trips of school bus or van.  

Details of The Driver

The name, photo, phone number, and other details of the driver are available on the app. In case of any problem, parents can contact the driver directly and immediately. This app helps the school management to employ honest and ethical drivers by the feedback received from parents about the behavior of the driver and how well he responds to their queries.

Time of Pick-up and Drop

The pick-up and drop time informed through the app. Information about a sudden change is also sent as a text message. Automatic emergency messages generated in case the bus breaks down or meets any mishap or stuck in traffic. Any such unforeseen situations immediately communicated to the parents via the app. Parents can also call the driver to ask about the situation. This gives a great relief to the parents as well as the school.

Makes Tension Free

Parents and School management feel secure with our School Bus Tracking app as the live location of children can be seen at all times.  If the child reaches home later than usual then parents can see his/her location on the live map. They need not go to school to ask about the whereabouts of their children. It develops good faith over the school, and the school also builds its reputation by providing a safe and secure environment for students.

The drivers drive more responsibly because the bus or van is under continuous monitoring. Careful driving reduces the risk of any accident or mishap on roads. With pre-planned routes, they cannot switch to any new route according to their choice; they can’t cross the set speed limits. Due to the live monitoring feature of the app, these safety measures followed stringently.

We should not take the safety of our children and students casually. Precaution is always better than the cure. This service is designed to control and run everything under strict protocols, related to the safety of children at school and outside school. We at CAMPUSDEAN take the safety of our children very seriously.