school management system

Everything is getting designed according to the comfort and convenience of humans. With modern technology, we have at our disposition, such system, and software which makes information omnipresent. We can get any piece of information from anywhere at any time from any device enabling more transparency, more connectivity, and more usability.

The penetration of smartphones has superseded that of desktops and laptops because smartphones are smart, portable, and fit into our pockets. We open websites on mobile phones, and they perform equally well.

A good school management software provides school mobile apps that are very useful to teachers/staff, parents/students, and management. It is more comfortable and convenient to do many things from mobile phones as compared to a desktop. Everyone carries a mobile phone everywhere, so even at home or on vacation, one can stay in touch with the updates of the school. An excellent mobile app is a fantastic tool for educators in today’s date.

The school management system CAMPUSDEAN has three distinct apps for teachers, parents, and management. These apps save a considerable amount of time and expense as they help in functioning smoothly.

You can take the help of these school mobile apps and a good school management system for saving time:

Teacher mobile app

Previously teachers had to calculate the marks and note them down on paper, then give the marks list to the class teacher for the total calculation to generate results. This process consumed a lot of time and reams of paper. Furthermore, errors inadvertently made their presence here and there due to which mark sheets would have to be changed repeatedly. This arrangement was time, energy, and money exhaustive.

But with the mobile app, teachers need not carry bundles of answer-sheets home to finish the task of preparing results. Subject teachers can directly enter the scores by the Marks Entry option on the app, and these scores are updated automatically in the mark sheet of the class teacher. From here, teachers can directly take printouts of a report card or progress report. The mobile app reduces the time spent on writing, tallying, and then finalizing marks. Correction in marks is immediately updated. This app generates error-free results. The teacher’s app of CampusDean removes any involvement of pen and paper. It is a convenient tool for educators.

Parent mobile app

The Parent app of CampusDean has every detail of the student’s profile and his/her activity on it. Parents miss essential updates about the activities of the child, given by the teachers in the school diaries because children either forget or deliberately don’t show it. Parents get all the information promptly due to the facility of instant messages, emails, and notifications. If a child is engaging in bad habits or bunking classes, parents are straightaway notified by the teacher through this school mobile app.

Campusdean Mobile App

This school ERP, parent’s app helps to reduce the communication gap between parents and teachers, it connects them directly. They don’t have to schedule regular meetings and teachers need not fuss about students not completing their homework and assignments punctually. Completing the homework on time helps students to understand the concepts taught in class with more clarity. This prevents them from lagging in studies that ultimately lead to better performance. It sincerely helps our parents to be in touch with the day to day progress of the child. This saves precious time of parents, educators as well as students.

Management mobile app

The School Management app shows all the information regarding the finances and administration of the school. The members of the management have access to records of fees collected, fees due, processing of salary, and students and staff profile through the app. They need not visit the schools physically to know about these. All the data is available to them at all times, they make better and quick decisions for enhancing the performance of the school. Any revision in data at school automatically updates on the mobile app. So they have real-time knowledge of any major or minor changes.

Digital management and regulation of records eradicates the chances of errant activities and frauds. Management of funds and expenses becomes more transparent reducing losses. Corruption is no more under the radar. Features of this app helps to save both time and money for the school.


Time is money and money is time. If we utilize our time efficiently, we save money. And when we manage our financial resources prudently we end up saving time. Time is wasted on informing everyone individually then waiting for their response one at a time but through these mobile apps, any important news is instantly sent as an alert message, email, or notification to all. This saves time taken to reach a common conclusion and in its implementation.

These apps are very easy to use and do not require any training for it. They reduce or eliminate the use of paper, pen, ink, and printers that saves a huge amount of money for the schools spent on stationery items. Moreover, they help to save our environment, prevent cutting of innumerable trees for paper. It is very important to think about alternatives that are sustainable both for the organization and the environment.

Mobile apps of the best school management software CAMPUSDEAN, are an excellent option to reduce expenses, check imprudent wastage of money, keep track of the funds and its allotment. By using these apps a school will save a great deal of time. Time and money saved can be used for the betterment of the quality of education in school.