For accomplishing the mission or vision of any organization, all the stakeholders of the same have to envision the same. Managing an educational institution and bringing various departments together and to achieve the mission is always a big challenge for the management There is an emerging demand for almost every process in the institutes to be automated to succeed in completing the tasks of the day. For this reason, educational institutes have to be modernized with cloud based technologies that could be integrated with the mobiles and to enable the institution to complete the routine tasks and to carry forward the schools and institutes in an efficient, systematic and organized way without any interruptions.

One more brainchild of CAMPUSDEAN is the Management Mobile apps for school that covers the activities mentioned below:  

  • Fee due
  • Student Strength
  • Salary processing
  • Online Salary Slips
  • Admission Information
  • Records student, staff profile
  • Salary disbursement Reports
  • Online fee payment gateway
  • Fee Collected between dates
  • Records student, staff attendance
School Management App

Members of management are generally not directly involved in the day to day activities of the school. Hence they need to know about the recent developments, management of revenues, and performance of students, teachers, and staff to make correct decisions. The Management apps serves this purpose best. Every piece of information with their details are available on this app. They can keep an eye on the working of the school if it is functioning according to the guidelines issued or not. This is the best mobile app for school management. With CAMPUSDEAN, a comprehensive school management system every difficulty or problem resolves swiftly.

School Management App helps the members of school management to stay in touch with school in real-time. This school app gives them all the information about the daily activities of the school in their mobile phones. Even if they are on vacation, they can stay updated. This helps to make the working of school more efficient.

The staff becomes more responsible. The administration becomes transparent. This increases the efficiency of the school. As the system becomes better, it enhances the level of education.

Management can track the daily expenses and the areas that take up more resources. Graphs and charts are present that help to visualize the expenditure in a better way. They can see the report of the total fee collected daily. Fee records are also present on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

School management can also see the records of the fee that is due to date. They can see the fee record student wise, class-wise, or batch-wise. If an organization has more than one school, then the management can also see the fee records of all branches.

Members of management can also see the attendance of staff and students directly from the app. This helps them to know about the punctuality of their staff. They can look into the work performance of teachers and non-teaching employees from here.

School app also helps them to monitor the school transport system. They can keep track of school buses and vehicles directly from the app. This helps to ensure the safety of children and control the expenses. As they keep an eye on the vehicles, school bus drivers cannot change routes or drive rashly.

This app helps the school management to take decisions on time. As all the reports are present on the school app on their phone, they can make better plans for the growth of the school. As all members can view the records, it helps to take a common decision unanimously.

It helps to save time and make better decisions. Problems or difficulties at school are resolved quickly. They can see the working of different staff and remove the ones not working properly. They can become direct participants in day to day work activities of their school.

With the school mobile app, they can easily find areas that are not performing well. Some mutual decision can be taken to improve the system. It will help to enhance the learning curve for children. That will lead to the growth of the schools as well as students.

CAMPUSDEAN school management app is one of its kinds in school ERPs in India. This app is quite user-friendly and very attractive. School Management app is an exclusive feature for managerial members of a school or college.