In the year 2022, after the peak of the current pandemic, the schools re-started their physical operations once again, and the new academic session 2022-23 started with new energy and new hopes. Schools have changed their approach to the ways they manage their daily activities and tasks and have started using different types of school management software to aid their management purposes. CAMPUSDEAN is one of the leading and most reliable, user-friendly school management systems.

After the summer break, when the school opened in June 2022 for the new academic session, they vastly started utilizing school management software for Student Admission, Fees Collection, Student Inquiry, Roll No Generation, Timetable Management, Student Attendance Modules, etc.

The modules that are mostly used during the initial month of the academic session, i.e., June, July, August

  • The module for managing student inquiries and enrolling at the school is called the Student Inquiry Module.
  • A student’s fee is collected using the Fees Collection Module. Schools can accept online payments through the payment gateway option with the aid of the Parent’s App provided with this software.
  • The CAMPUSDEAN Parent’s App also enables parents to stay connected with the school and get up-to-date information about their child’s schooling.
  • The Student Module is helpful for managing student data, and through the student’s multiple update modules, the admin can update the data in bulk.
  • Through the Roll No Generate Module, teachers/school admins can automatically generate the roll number in accordance with school requirements.
  • The Teacher Mobile App, which is also connected with the school software, allows teachers to take attendance directly from their mobile devices.
  • The Timetable Module makes it simple and paperless to create a school timetable.

The basic software settings and the student’s data entry are mostly one-time processes to feed into the school management software and the updated data can be viewed by parents in the mobile apps provided to them.

CAMPUSDEAN—a school management software system, that provides 3 types of mobile applications, i.e., Parents Mobile App, Teachers Mobile App, and MIS Mobile App connected with the system.

In July and August, schools mostly use the school ERP software for Student Master Creation, ID-Card Generation, Exam Creation, Various Report Generation, and Creating Holiday Masters.

  • The Announcement Module is used to provide any daily updates and notices etc. to parents which they can see in the Parent’s App.
  • Through the Exam Timetable Module, schools can create an exam schedule for the unit test. The Teacher App also allows teachers to input the students’ marks.
  • Parents can view the exam schedule and exam results through the Parent’s App.
  • The Parent’s App and school management software are automatically updated when teachers update homework and classwork in the Teacher’s App.
  • In the ID Card module, schools may quickly create ID cards for both staff and students.
  • There will be numerous holidays and events throughout August. The most often used modules are holidays, events, and photo gallery during these days.
  • The holiday list will be updated in the Holiday Module so that teachers, parents, and students can access it via a mobile app.
  • Events for Janmashtami and Independence Day are coming up in August. In order for the teacher and parent apps to automatically update, the school can update the Calendar Module’s event information for upcoming events.
  • The school event photos will be uploaded using a photo gallery module so that parents can view them on their parent app.

One of the best and easiest to use school management software is CAMPUSDEAN, which may assist you in managing your academic activities. The teacher and parent apps have been used by more than 1,00,000 Android app users. Visit our free demo to see how it may benefit your school.

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