Unnati Informatics School Management Software Development Company

Unnati Informatics LLP is a top IT company in India that was founded in 2005 to meet the growing demand for IT services in both the domestic and global markets. We developed a customized, secure, and affordable school management software system that we named CAMPUSDEAN, and it is the Best School Management Software in all of India. It aims to provide educational institutions like colleges, universities, academies, and schools with the best solutions conceivable. The main goal is to deliver various services and solutions under one roof in a quality, timely, and economical manner.

Unnati Informatics Company Assets

Unnati Informatics LLP was incorporated to provide a wide gamut of solutions that are not limited to

  • Internet Solutions                  Best School Management Software
  • Graphics solutions
  • Product Development
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Software Testing Service
  • Web and Software Solutions
  • Content Writing, Presentations
  • Customized Software Development
  • Web Application, Web Portal Development
  • Dynamic Website Designing and Development

To a vast array of clients. We have a presence in over 100 cities across the country and around the world.

Unnati has built a strong portfolio of products such as customized mobile applications, biometric time attendance systems, and bulk SMS services under the brand CAMPUSDEAN. CAMPUSDEAN products are distinguished by cutting-edge innovation and provide excellent value.

How did We emerge?

Mayank Kumar, co-founder and promoter of Unnati Informatics LLP, has been instrumental in strategic planning, project formulation, and the launch of numerous initiatives. His ability to drive the organization with skill and devotion resulted in the evolution of the projects. Accountability, empathy, and attention to detail are qualities that ensure Unnati Informatics LLP completes each project professionally and successfully.

We have assisted customers by developing business applications, Internet applications, and websites tailored to their specific requirements. We have undergone a massive transformation in the last 23 years as a result of our dedicated teamwork.

School ERP Software Development Team            
  • Innovators
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Consultants
  • Supporters
  • Designers

We have qualified and experienced members in various functional and technical fields and provide highly qualitative, timely delivery, cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solutions to our clients.

The commitment of the dedicated and experienced team that serves the industry in the best possible way by delivering value-added services is commendable. The team members are highly focused and adopt work ethics which are predominantly exhibited in the quality of solutions we offer.

What made us distinct?

School Management Software is fairly popularized in the world of digitization and it has become inevitable in the school community.

  • Adopting the strategy of putting the customers in the first place
  • Providing services surpassing the client’s needs
  • Quality of service and solutions
  • Measuring customer satisfaction has yielded empowering new entrants

We always think outside the box and provide pioneering services and solutions which are cost-effective and conducive to all sectors and other corporate.

We have decisively turned things around. We have been constantly receptive to new technologies and provide solutions for cutting edge. We constantly strive to launch innovative, comprehensive business solutions and customer service initiatives to increase value to investors.

We are Liable

The self-growth of  Unnati Informatics is because it persistently seeks room for improvement to provide better solutions to its clients. We always estimate the prophecies of the needs of educational institutions and work accordingly to meet their challenges and demands.

We will strive to support you persistently for your growth and progress.