School management software now is very popular in the digital era. It is most useful to each school, colleges or any academics to manage the complete data of the whole school, college information. In 2020 there are so many school softwares now available in the market. Sometimes people get confused which one is better for their school? They have some questions before purchasing the software. Here we are providing some basic questions which must be asked before purchasing the school management software.

1. Why do a school, colleges need school software?

They need school management software because the management of administrative and academic tasks become automatic and systematic in an easy way. School ERP helps to save a lot of time, money, and resources for the school. Information sharing and communication become speedy and reliable. Along with it, a school management software helps teachers to save a lot of time doing clerical tasks. This time becomes available for students, and teachers can attend to their doubts and queries more effectively.

2. Will school ERP help to manage the student admission process?

A good school management software has a comprehensive admission management module. This module helps to handle every process involved in taking new admissions to the school. These tasks mean taking up inquiries to issuing the school-leaving certificate. School can directly respond to an admission inquiry from the school management system. They can schedule exam dates and interview dates and notify parents/guardians about it. Assign class, section, and roll no. to the newly enrolled child at once. You can feed all the details of the child into the system. It makes the entire admission process simple and fast, like never before.

3. Can this school software be customized according to our needs?

This is a very important question that schools must ask before buying a school management software. Schools have varying requirements, and they handle their administration differently. Hence a school management system must be customizable according to the needs of a school. Moreover, it should be easily customizable, and that too, under a given budget. If a school software is not customizable as per the needs of a school, it is not worth buying. Non-customizable software brings more difficulties because it won’t be able to perform all tasks for the school.

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4. How is online school software better than desktop software?

Online school software is better than desktop software in every way. As it is online, you can access data on it from anywhere at any time. Many people can work on it simultaneously without anyone affecting other’s work. Recording, storing, editing, and updating any data becomes a lot easier and simpler. If a teacher is absent, she can upload marks from her home with the online school software. This increases efficiency in work and timely completion. This feature is not available in desktop software.

The online school software prevents data tampering and manipulation because changes reflect in real-time. There is no need to depend on a particular device. Online school management software can be opened from anywhere on any device at any time.

5. How software will help to manage school finance?

School management software has modules like Account management, Finance Management, Fee Management, Payroll Management, Vendor Management, etc. These help to track every single penny for the school. All expenses are registered correctly and immediately. Records are properly maintained, which helps the school to plan their budget and expenses accordingly. Most importantly, as you can track who has been given what stationery, and in what quantity, it prevents the waste of stationery items.

6. What are the major modules that must be in school software?

There are lots of school softwares available in the market, in each software have different modules, but for the school or colleges must be check the school software modules like Fee Collection, Admission Management, Student, and Staff Profile Management, Exam Management, and Attendance Management. However, for effective working, some other modules like Timetable Management, Employee, and Account Management are available in software or not which are most important and useful modules.

7. Can school access school software on mobile phones?

Yes, a good online school software gives this facility to access it on mobile phones. School softwares now available in mobile applications. But, the staff who have authorization from the school admin and the username and password can access the school management system in app. This ensures the safety of data and its privacy.

As school software becomes accessible on mobile phones through the mobile app, it facilitates working from home. If a teacher wants to finish her work from home, she can access the specified module and do it. Working becomes easy, efficient, fast, and timely. If something urgent comes up, when a particular staff is on vacation, still he/she can manage it from their mobile phone.

8. Whether school management software is secure and safe?

This question is about trust and security of data. The school has a lot of students and staff data. The school management software must have robust security features to protect these data from thefts or from getting lost. Secure school software has layers of security features and measures.

It should allow access only after authorization from the concerned person who is the main admin of the school software. Username and password should be a must. The access must be role and duty-based so that there is a strict demarcation in the working and maintaining error-free records and data.

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9. Is school ERP in the school’s budget?

There are many school management software that provides several modules and features at very less price, but they do not function as promised. Hence, do not compromise with the quality of the software. But do not go for that software that charges a very hefty amount, and dumps unnecessary modules. Some softwares are charged per the number of students or some are charged per month or yearly. Some softwares are charged by module requirement. So after seeing the demo and checking your school requirement if it fulfills or not, after that you will purchase the software.

10. Which are the best school software in India?

Some of the best school software in India is Rediker, CAMPUSDEAN, and RenWeb. Still, selection must be made very carefully because it depends on the present and future requirements of the school. A school must choose a school software depending on their budget and what value it will bring to the system.

Also, dedicated customer care service is quite important when purchasing an online school management system. Therefore, schools must thoroughly inspect, and ask questions regarding the timely customer care service, or the support service the provider will give.

11. Is it quick and easy to implement?

A school management system that is easy to implement and use is most fitting for the schools. Schools have numerous tasks to do daily. There is no scope for any delay because many people are directly and indirectly associated with the schools. Hence, delay in any duty will affect the rest unfavorably.

So the school software must be quick and easy to implement and use. All teachers and staff are not tech-friendly, so the complete software should be designed in such a manner that even amateurs can learn how to use the software with complete ease and in a relatively short duration.

A school or colleges or any educational, academic and institutes should ask these questions before making a purchase. Still, you have any doubts you can contact us at 9727735599or visit our website to know more about the facilities of online school software. Check our free online school software demo. We can also help with your requirements through our email Email us your doubts and queries, and we will try our best to help you.