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Parent Mobile App

A school-parent mobile app is a tool designed to keep parents and guardians informed about their child’s education and school. It gives parents access to important information, makes communication with teachers and school staff easier, and includes a variety of features to engage parents in their child’s educational journey. The CAMPUSDEAN parent mobile app has some fantastic features. On the parent app, you can find information about your child’s attendance, notices, holidays, and homework updates. A well-designed school-parent mobile app improves parent-school communication, encourages parental involvement, and keeps parents up to date on their child’s academic progress. It encourages transparency, provides timely access to information, and improves collaboration among parents, teachers, and the school community.

Keep track of all scholastic activities with the Parent Mobile App!!!

Features of CAMPUSDEAN Parent Mobile App

  • Photo gallery view
  • View child results
  • Student leaves apply
  • School calendar with holidays
  • Track child attendance details
  • View student’s timetable
  • Classwork & homework update
  • Online fee payment
  • View fees detail
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Notifications of exams, fee dues, and other alerts
Parent Mobile App

CAMPUSDEAN Parent Mobile App

Parents can use the parent mobile app to track their child’s attendance, view attendance records, and receive notifications for absences or tardiness. It makes it easier for parents to monitor their child’s attendance trends. Parents can view their child’s grades, progress reports, and academic performance data. The app may display overall grades as well as individual subject grades. The app facilitates direct communication between parents and teachers. Parents can communicate with teachers by sending messages, inquiring about their child’s progress, and discussing any concerns or questions. The app notifies parents of important announcements, news updates, and event notifications from the school. They can stay up to date on events that are happening at school, upcoming activities, parent-teacher conferences, and other important information. Viewing fee details, payment schedules, and pending dues may be available through the app. Fee payments can be made securely through the app by parents. Parents can view the school calendar to view holidays, exam dates, school events, and other important dates. For parents who have multiple children attending the same school, the app should allow them to switch between their children’s profiles and access individualized information for each child.

It also bridges the communication gap between parents, teachers, and students, improving student performance. CAMPUSDEAN is one of the best, safest, and most trusted student-parent mobile apps available.