CAMPUSDEAN is the Best School Management Software in India. It has three distinct School Mobile Apps for parents, teachers, and school management. All these apps are available on both android and iOS platforms. This blog illustrates the prominent features of the School Parent App in India. 

Parent Application serves the purpose of connecting parents directly with the school. Information about all activities of children at the school is instantly available on the school app for parents.

Parents can see the profile of one or more children even if they study in different schools and when both schools are using CAMPUSDEAN School Management Software. 

CAMPUSDEAN School Parent App has features like:

Student Diary 

This is the online version of the diaries students are given at schools. It shows the reviews given by teachers about the student’s performance in class. 

Bus Tracking 

With the help of Vehicle Tracking System & GPS device installed on the school buses and vans by the schools, parents can see the location of the school bus their child is traveling in while going to school or coming back. They can see the real-time location of the school vehicles. 

Online Fee Payment 

No more headache of withdrawing money from the bank or ATM and visiting the school to pay the fees. They need not stand in the long queue to deposit fees. With few clicks on their parent app, they can pay the fees and get fee receipt. With the help of this system, now parents can pay the school fees right on time. They can see details of fees that have been paid or fees that are still due. Other important information like a session, date of making fee payment, receipt, and the amount is also shown in the app. 

Communication with School 

Now, parents can communicate with the school through the school parent app. Through the Chat option, parents can send their queries or questions, and the concerned teacher responds. The best School Parent App of CAMPUSDEAN helps parents to talk to the teacher regarding any issue at any time. 

Leave Application 

Parents can request for leave for their children directly from the School Parent’s App. When the school admin grants or rejects the leave, parents immediately get notified about it. They can also see the number of holidays their child has taken. 


Parents get notification of holidays given at school. Any notice regarding the holiday is displayed on the Parent App. They can even see the list of all regular holidays on the app. 

Exam Timetable 

Parents can see the exam schedule of their child or children. It shows details of subjects, date, time, duration, and syllabus in the Best Parent App of India. This helps them to become active and help their kids with the exam preparations in a better way.

Campusdean Parent Mobile App

Exam Result

Parents can see the marks of their child, and the exam results directly from this app. They can even compare their child’s performance through the graphs of particular subjects. They need not wait for the Reports Card day to know about the performance of their child at school.

Event Calendar

This is a year-long calendar and shows all the holidays for the year along with the events of the school. This makes it easy for parents to plan for any vacation or family function accordingly. With the help of the event calendar, they can easily plan trips without disturbing the studies of their child or children.

Subject Timetable

The class timetable of their child or children is shown in the school parent app of CAMPUSDEAN. Parent can see the Subjects along with the time that particular subject will be taken as well as lunch/break time. They can easily manage their child bag. 

Student Attendance

Parents can see the daily/weekly/monthly/ yearly attendance of their child or children at school. The best school parent’s app also sends an immediate notification to parents about the presence of the child at school or in the class. In this way, they get information in real-time if their child has safely reached the school or not. They also come to know about in case their child bunks school or skips any class.

Student Homework

As soon as a teacher gives homework in any subject, it is reflected in the school mobile app of parents. Now parents need not worry about their kids, not showing them the homework or forgetting about it. This feature is handy as it helps kids finish their home work right on time. 

Announcement Notification

In case the school has any critical and urgent notice. They upload it on the parent’s app, and then parents get notified about it in real-time. Schools also update important circulars like parents meeting, any academic or sports events, etc. This feature is very helpful during times of any natural calamity when schools have to announce a holiday suddenly. 

Photo Gallery

Parents can see the photos of activities and events at the school through this option on the school parent app. They need not wait for a year-long for the school magazine to see the photos of school functions. 

CAMPUSDEAN school parent app is one of the best application in India. It helps parents to stay updated on the day-to-day progress of their child. This app is available on android as well as on iOS. For further information you can visit our website or Download CAMPUDEAN PARENT APP from playstore.