Students are put under a lot of pressure when a minimum gap of two to three months is not maintained between declaring the exam dates and conducting it. They have to hurry to cover-up the syllabus by cramming and rote-learning without actually understanding the concepts. This defeats the entire purpose of the pedagogy and the education system. 

Students somehow manage lessons that have subjective answer-types, but in subjects like maths and science, the majority finds it very difficult to score well. With incomplete or even incorrect knowledge of concepts, they move to the next term. The net outcome is weakening of the base of the students. With each passing day, the performance of students who do not have a clear understanding of concepts keeps declining, and a time comes when they start failing. We cannot keep up with this system because it challenges the very base of imparting education. 

Campusdean Exam Management sOftware

Teaching and learning are figurative or substantial?

We need to answer this question before proceeding further.

As kids, we thought exams are daunting only for students, but in reality, they are daunting as well for the teachers because they have to plan lessons accordingly. Good teachers find it very difficult and morally disturbing to rush through such concepts that they know are problematic for students to grasp, but due to the pressure of completing the curriculum on time, they have no choice but to hurry-up.

School management or administration must take care of the problems that arise when exam timetables are not scheduled at the beginning of the academic year.

The School Management Software, CAMPUSDEAN provides an Exam Management System for helping school administration, teachers, students, and parents. Examination management software handles every task of the exam department.

It has different sections to manage different aspects of conducting exams and generating results as well as the School Management System has three exclusive School Mobile Apps for teachers, parents, and the school administration.

It has the following features:

  • It assigns subjects and optional subjects.
  • It helps to make grade profiles.
  • It makes the exam timetables in one go.
  • Mark’s entry is available through the software as well as through the mobile app. 
  • Generates reports easily according to the CCE grading system. 
  • Forming various co-scholastic areas and their marks-entry is also possible with a few clicks.  
  • Timetables are designed according to the subjects, curriculum, and education board that the school is affiliated with. 
  • It also assigns exam duty to the teachers. 
  • Teachers can upload the marks and the results of the child on the parent’s app. 
  • Generates consolidate results, including skill-assessment. 

Benefits of School Management System

  • It saves a lot of time for teachers.
  • It gives sufficient time for students to prepare.
  • Teachers update the exam timetable on the mobile app.
  • Parents can help the child with exams in a better way.
  • Prepares error-free schedules.
  • Improves the performance of students, makes their base strong.
  • Parents can plan vacations, according to the schedule of exams.
  • Teachers can easily enter marks from the comfort of their homes.
  • Teachers can easily edit or update the scores.
  • Result generation does not take time. 
  • Results generated do not have calculation errors.
  • Results for all standards can be declared on the same day. 
  • Saves a lot of paper that otherwise is used for marks entry and calculations. 
  • Parents and students can see the results on the mobile app even when they are not in the town. 

Exam Management System

The advantages are unlimited and online school software makes exams, no more a burden for the stakeholders of the school, who are parents, teachers, students, and school administration. 

  • The exam schedule is sent to the parents who need not worry about misplacing the timetable schools give through the print paper. 

  • Teachers can also see the exam timetable and their duty accordingly in the mobile app of CAMPUSDEAN.

  • In case a teacher has an exam duty, but due to unforeseen situations she cannot attend it, she can immediately notify the school through the mail option in the teacher app and the school can assign a proxy teacher on behalf of her.

  • Timetable for exams can be made at the beginning of the academic session that will help schools to align their events, annual functions and programs accordingly. It will also help to prepare a proper outline and planning lessons according to the curriculum.

When exam schedules are prepared for the complete session right in the beginning, it makes teaching and learning both easy and fun. It will neither be a headache for students or teachers. 

Examination module of School Campus Management Software is very helpful for schools and colleges. It gives assurance to parents, students, and teachers that schools and colleges are dedicated to improving the standard of education.