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Student Examination Management

CAMPUSDEAN online examination management system helps to make exam schedules and prepare results. It can design timetables for all types of exam patterns. School ERP software caters to exams too for all school boards. It can handle any size of school and student. All processes become smooth and on time. Right from making question papers to giving away report cards. The online exam module creates an exam timetable and it will be displayed on the parent app directly after generating the timetable. Then the teacher can create an exam paper that can be printable. After taking the exam, the teacher can add student marks at one time and generate various results as per the school format.

Why use Examination Management System?

Affects WHOM? CAMPUSDEAN Software Manual Exam
  • They can make schedule exams on time.
  • Easy to generate exam timetable in less time
  • Hassle-free examinations
  • Entering marks and preparing reports becomes superbly easy and quick.
  • Teachers can enter the marks directly by the software or from the teacher app of CAMPUSDEAN.
  • No need to report cards separately for multiple students. Software directly saves the data and generates report cards for all students.
  • Automatic data backup to minimize downtime and improve efficiency
  • The schedule is not made on time.
  • Puts heavy pressure on teachers to design exam timetables regularly.
  • However careful a teacher is, errors do creep into timetables. That wastes time in making them again.
  • Takes a lot of time in entering the scores, calculate them, and make final reports.
  • They write marks on paper or register books, then copy them again on the report card or excel sheets.
  • After the final calculation of the result, teachers note down the marks on the report cards of each student.
  • Get the notification through the parent app about the exam timetable.
  • Easy to see exam marks or result through the parent application.
  • Compare marks or results through the graph.
  • Students do not get enough time to prepare for exams when schedules are not ready on time.
  • If schedules are not announced with enough time gap then it becomes hectic and difficult to prepare for the tests.
  • Easy to make grade profiles that are already defined in school ERP.
  • Schedule exam timetable on time and notify everyone through application and ERP.
  • Report generation is very easy and time-saving.
  • It takes time to prepare the exam schedule so many schools cannot print the dates for exams in their school diaries.
  • Students do not do well, which puts an extra burden on pupils and educators both.
  • A lot of paper has to be bought frequently. Wastage of time and resources.
  • Parents compare their child’s subject marks with graphs.
  • Parents can see timetables and marks at any time on the parent app.
  • Parents cannot make plans for going on trips or attending any family function as the dates for exams are not known earlier.

Online Exam Management Software

CAMPUSDEAN saves time in making schedules and taking exams. CAMPUSDEAN school management software reduces the cost of manpower to create timetables, marks entry, and generate exam papers. it provides a 100% accuracy rate when it comes to creating the exam result. With the help of the school ERP system school makes a timetable on time, delivered on time, takes the exam on time as well making results on time. It manages all steps for taking exams. You can define different Co-Scholastic Areas and Activities. Reports are customizable as per your needs. School exam management software is a boon for all school sizes. Moreover, it also helps to input marks and prepares final results.

School Management System Software of CAMPUSDEAN gives a facility to teachers to enter marks from their homes by Teacher apps on their phones. It lessens mistakes while entering scores in haste to prepare results. In turn, preparing results become fast. Marks of students also show up on the parent’s app. Bok the online demo of school management software and grab an offer.

Features of Examination System of CAMPUSDEAN

  • Teachers can make CCE Reports
  • Our Exam Management System for Schools helps to send marks of students to parents in SMS or notification.
  • Easy and fast to make student results & do analysis
  • Pre Defined Grading System
  • Instant results on mark entry
  • Creates Exam timetable, Merit List
  • Exam Schedule, Evaluation Status, Result online
  • Student analysis through various reports made easy
  • Generates & prints Report card, State/CBSE Board Result
  • Percentile Generation & Pre Defined Grade Setting system made easy

Examination Management System

Advantages of examination management software

  • It saves a lot of time for teachers.
  • Lessens the expenses on stationery like a pen, papers, register books, record books, etc
  • You can make exam schedules for multiple standards at once.
  • Online Exam Software to create exams helps to make test schedules accurately.
  • Customize the date, time, and duration of the test for a specific subject on a particular day.
  • You can define different types of tests like FA or SA, weekly, or term-wise.
  • Teachers can either enter the marks from software or from the Teacher app of CAMPUSDEAN.
  • A considerable amount of time is saved while entering marks.
  • Define and create the CCE format for preparing the final result for students.
  • Prepare Results and Report Cards of Multiple Students at once.
  • Make different types of Co-Scholastic Areas and Activities.
  • Easily store the scores of students in different Co-Scholastic areas.

Why choose CAMPUSDEAN exam management software?

  • Exam Management Software of CAMPUSDEAN is very user-friendly.
  • It is attractive and has different modules for all tasks.
  • You can access all modules from a single window.
  • We have more than 500 report formats to cater to all types of report making.
  • It takes care of the safety of their data.
  • Very robust security system.
  • Teachers can access the modules after getting a login id.
  • They can access only those modules for which they have permission from the admin.
  • It makes it very easy for teachers to enter, edit, or update any data.
  • Time taken for making Results becomes very less.
  • All processes take place on time.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make customized Exam Timetable?
Yes, you can make a timetable for exams as per your needs. It can be scheduled according to the format of any school board that your school is affiliated with. 

Can we add Co-Scholastic Activities?
Yes, We already have a submenu of Co-Scholastic Areas and Activities. You can easily design and generate the format for storing marks and grades for different activities like sports, arts, etc.

School ERP Software provides One-Stop Solution for School Management Systems. It’s a complete School Management System, Payroll Software, Attendance Management System, Student Record Database, and Reporting Tool.