CAMPUSDEAN School ERP Software is designed to help school with their day-to-day functions such as attendance, coursework, and grades. They were originally developed to make the education system more efficient. School authorities around the world participate in many administrative and academic activities day to day to manage and provide a better academic experience for students effectively. However, maintaining and tracking school administrative activities is not an easy process in the world of rapid growth. It requires hard work and often requires a lot of time.

School management software is a system designed to manage all administrative work of schools and institutions. It has many modules that help teachers and staff maintain students’ activities such as daily attendance, calendar management, managing academic records, rates management, student assessments, etc.

CAMPUSDEAN school management system aims to alleviate administrative discomfort and improvement of efficiency and productivity. This solution is based on the cloud and supports several modern technologies such as online payment gateways, RFID cards, biometrics, mobile technology, and email alerts. The software can also be customized to meet the needs of an institution.

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Why Does School Need School ERP Software System in 2022?

“True progress in advance is achieved when administrative and management act as one team with common goals.”

This quote comes from‘s CEO and explains that the company believes that progress can only be made when administrative staff is united with the management team.  While they maintain a tab in the daily activities of students and faculty, their efficiency and general productivity; The need to scan the work processes with a School ERP Software.

Campusdean School Management System

Importance Of The School Management System:

Institutions all over the world are struggling to manage their educational process. It’s a time-consuming and hard job, with so many new issues cropping up every year. The importance of the school management system is that it keeps records and helps schools to run efficiently.

There are various activities and curriculum tasks that need careful planning in order to reach effective results. If this is done, it will help students, teachers, and the management of the institution. The  CAMPUSDEAN School ERP Software is a powerful tool to manage all its administrative tasks with an integrated system of a single line.

How To Choose The Best School Management System?

Whether you’re in the market for school management software or not, we should talk about how to make sure your choice is the best it can be. But when looking for the right school administration software, there are a number of features to think about. Here’s a list of some modules when looking for your school management system software

Best School management softwareAdmission Management

Don’t keep a bundle of files. This would only make it harder to access your documents when you need them, so it’s better to use school management software which will let you centralize all of your documents.

CAMPUSDEAN is capable of handling registration and admission for both old and new students effortlessly. It eliminates the troubles caused by human errors and treats each student differently- according to their individual information.

Student Information

School management software will help you in tracking your students’ grades and achievements, while also helping with attendance and discipline.

Parent Access

As a working parent, it’s difficult to balance time with your children in addition to their academic goals. Parents nowadays can track their children’s performance with the use of parent portals and school apps.

Attendance & Timetable Management

Attendance management is a tough responsibility and teachers often have to spend time with this at the beginning of each class. Teachers need to do this not only for teachers’ sake but also for students’. It can be difficult, so sometimes teachers work in pairs or ask administrative assistants to help out too.

Fee Management

Managing receipts, making payments, and gathering information for a variety of fees can be difficult without the proper software. Luckily, we have CAMPUSDEAN to take care of it with almost no effort at all!

Library Management

An effective way to simplify and streamline school library management has been recently developed. It has 4 features: Find, Search, Issue, and Return books. To automate your library, this software offers barcode & scanning capability. You’ll also be able to access reports of library members, daily issue registers, and more.

Transport Management 

For the management of school transportation to be effective, any software will need the capacity for detailed tracking of student routes. This allows you to see anytime they change and what effects that have had on them. They also display information like students who have elected to take the bus without routes assigned to them. Reports are uploaded to parents automatically with GPS locations to make sure they have the opportunity to know if their children are safe.

Benefits of CAMPUSDEAN School Management System :

The following list shows the best benefits of the school management system.


How Much Does It Cost To Set Up School Management Software For School?

A comprehensive school software offers several modules to carry out the main functionalities. If you want to know the exact cost then you can contact CAMPUSDEAN School Management Software. It has separate modules for administrative, academic programming, student management, payroll. Not all institutes require all the functions of automation, so in  CAMPUSDEAN we offer personalization of school software packages and allow educational institutes to select modules according to the requirement. The payment approach per module demonstrates being economical since you do not have to buy all the software but pay only by the modules you want. 

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